Life Through a Magnifying Glass

MOOOI & Levon Biss

Salone Del Mobile Milan, Italy

Concept-Installation-Brand Presentation-Storytelling-Styling-Production-Greenery

There is a whole other world crawling beneath our feet, living alongside us in hidden harmony. Levon Biss’s images inspired and enticed me to come a little closer and look a little deeper. For this project, I wanted to capture the colors and textures of the insect world in a tactile installation that invites visitors to interact, play and connect with each other, the brand and the space. By including elements of sound, smell and touch we created a world of discovery and wonder.

                            Backdrops: Levon Biss, Hanging pearls: Arianne van der Gaag, 

Photography: Peer Lindgreen ( London), Andrew Meredith (London), Cynthia van Elk ( New York).

Andrew Meredith-0015406_web_moooi.jpg