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Martine de Schipper



After receiving her qualifications in scenography and fashion design at AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts, Martine studied production design at the Dutch Film Academy and spent 10 years as costume and production designer in the film industry.


“During my time in the film industry I was able to create stories using set and costume design, unveiling the hidden worlds of the characters that moved through the spaces. My experience ‘behind-the-scenes’ gave me further insight into the invisible presence of our environments, and how they shape the narratives of our life".


Martine transitioned away from working exclusively in the film industry, and began collaborating with design-minded companies and brands.

In 2003 Stories of Senses and Space was founded. With this studio she combines creative & practical experience in production design, interior design and styling with insights from environmental psychology to transform spaces.
This unique approach/methodology allows the studio to operate and create solutions in seemingly diverse environments. From experiential brand presentations, set design and events to private homes and public institutions, she's always spot-on capturing the right feeling to a specific place. Her guiding principle is to celebrate and promote human dignity through stories, senses and space.


"I create environments and custom art installations that are total sensory experiences,

subtle hints that are picked up by our senses, perceptions and trigger memories. exploring the interconnectedness between humans and their surroundings".

As a versatile art director and stylist, Martine uses her experience and multidisciplinary background to allow each project to move freely between interior design, fashion, art and even food.

Stories of Senses and Space is involved with all aspects of a project from conceptualization to installation, no detail is left unstirred.

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