Personal Work and Installations

We are all born curious. We use our senses to explore and understand the world. This natural fascination with our environment is our first introduction to the concept of adding meaning to our lives through the spaces we live in. I have always been intrigued by the power of creativity, and how it can be applied in so many different ways to make the world nicer. 

The framework for all my projects is built around the same principle – to capture moments as visual poetry, filling spaces with emotion and tactility. A central element of my designs are custom art installations, objects created with the goal to spark imagination and command attention.

I have a fascination with the way in which ordinary objects can be transformed into something magical. A smear of paint turns little plastic ping pong balls into a cluster of golden orbs that reflect the space around it. Magnifying glasses suspended from the ceiling are now hundreds of eyes for a closer look.

I try to think of all the different aspects of everyday things, and portray them in unexpected, yet familiar ways. My senses are my toolbox

- Real life spaces, are constantly changing and evolving as the people that inhabit them change and evolve. It is vital to our survival that our environments must adapt to us, and the other way around.