Just Between Us

Moooi & Erwin Olaf

Salon Del Mobile Milan, Italy

Concept-Styling-Production-Installation-Brand Presentation-Storytelling-Greenery

I am intrigued by art that makes you feel like a secret spectator who stumbled across a hidden, intimate world.

Or perhaps, it is the thrill of being allowed in that deeply speaks to me…

Erwin Olaf’s work is visual poetry about the invisible world we all carry in us. For this installation, my goal was to turn the clandestine life of two fictional characters into a tangible, immersible space that tells their unspoken story. Him, the discerning ‘nose’ for a perfume label. Her, the wild hearted bass player of a rock and roll band. They left the door open, for viewers to see their life as it lies in shadows in light - a poem, lovingly left on the bedroom mirror, a half-eaten chocolate bar patiently waiting, art and items collected over time…We filled the space with our characters’ smells and sounds to create an intimate connection through the visitor’s senses. At any moment, the 1700m2 ‘apartment’ could resonate with the deep hum of a bass guitar, or the lingering, sweet fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers.

Backdrops: Erwin Olaf (Amsterdam)

Photography: Peer Lindgreen ( London), Andrew Meredith ( London),