A  Sense of Memory

MOOOI & Massimo Listri 

Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy

I once visited a hidden building close to the fish market area of Hamburg, Germany. Inside I inscovered a world of wonders - the weirdest collection of items from all over the globe. The visual feast of Massimo Listri's interiors on our backdrops, brought back that found memory and inspired me to share the little hidden museum that has lived in my mind even since. We came up with the idea of a fairytale spectacle- using an assotment of weird objects and interesting sculptures to recreate my memory.. We suspended canoes and helicopters from the ceiling- ethereal and floating. We built a laboratory of stuffed animals- quite a visual contrast. Hudge geometric sculptures filled the space, including a giant abacus.

Concept-Installation-Production-Curating Art Pieces-Brand Presentation-Storytelling-Greenery

Photography: Andrew Meredith ( London) Peer Lindgreen (London)