Lost Worlds : shaping stories and space

MOOOI & Rebecca Bathory

Salone Del Mobile Milan, Italy

For me, the magic of an experience often lies in the contrasts it holds. For this curated art installation, I placed colours, textures and golden opulence against a background of desolate spaces to capture the romance of lost worlds, the softness of jagged edges...Following a trail of broken pieces, leaving a footprint in time.

                                      Brand Presentation-Interior-Storytelling-Production-Curating Art Pieces-Concept Styling-Greenery



                    Collaborating artists: WoOl Amsterdam, Studio Kalff, Linde Bast, Rita de Bresser, Valerie van Holten, Anouk van der Putten,

                                                                               Moyra Besjes, Michelle Verscheijden, Jeroen Duijf.

Photography: Andrew Meredith ( London), Peer Lindgreen (London)