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Adventures around the Zuiderzee

Zuiderzee Museum

Enkhuizen, The Netherlands


Mooi Samen is an intimate, personal collection of portraits and movies by photographers Koos Breukel and Sandra Troelstra, depicting the stories and lives of the diverse inhabitants of the IJsselmeer area. Our concept for this interactive photo exhibition was centered around the various social associations and interest groups featured in ‘Mooi Samen’. We designed an experience that takes the viewer on a journey through the exhibition, the Zuiderzee Museum, but also on an adventure through their own personal world of connections . We relied on the magical power of sound and images to pull visitors into the different rooms - hidden choral music accompanying images of a cycling group, hearing the buzzing of bees while watching kitesurfing enthusiasts play in the waves of exuberant cries of BINGO echoing through the room - all adding life to the visual retelling of the occupations, hobbies and passions of this historic community.

Portraits: Koos Breukel (Amsterdam)

Portraits and film: Sander Troelstra (Amsterdam)

Film edit: Adeszo (Huizen)

152. Zuiderzeemuseum_tentoonstelling_Moo
Zuiderzeemuseum_tentoonstelling_Mooi sam
146. 2019-04-20 11.17.47.jpg
148. 2019-04-20 12.01.09.jpg
Zuiderzeemuseum_tentoonstelling_Mooi sam
2019-04-20 11.55.26.jpg
2019-04-20 11.59.27.jpg
154. 2019-04-20 11.28.38.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2021-02-28 om 21.23.13.
Zuiderzeemuseum_tentoonstelling_Mooi sam
Zuiderzeemuseum_tentoonstelling_Mooi sam
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